Yahya Khan

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The life and times of Yahya Khan, the 3rd President of Pakistan, are fascinating to explore, particularly his academic journey that provided the foundation for his military and political prowess. One question that often comes up when discussing this significant figure is, “Where did Yahya Khan go to college?” This article aims to shed light on this aspect of Khan’s life, delving into his educational path that greatly shaped his future.

Yahya Khan was born in Chakwal, Punjab, during the era of British India. His early education was rooted in the Colonel Brown Cambridge School located in Dehradun, an esteemed institution known for molding the minds of many future leaders. However, it is his college education that truly forged his path in life. To unravel the enigma that is Yahya Khan’s educational journey, let’s take a closer look at his college life.

After successfully graduating from Colonel Brown Cambridge School, Yahya Khan enrolled at the University of Punjab, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the subcontinent. Here, he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree, honing his intellectual abilities in various disciplines that later served as critical cornerstones in his career.

While at the University of Punjab, Khan displayed a knack for leadership and strategic thinking, traits that would later define his military and political careers. It was during these formative years that Khan began cultivating his critical thinking skills, ultimately graduating with his B.A. degree.

However, the academia was not the only arena where Khan excelled. Parallel to his university education, he also attended the Indian Military Academy (IMA) at Dehra Dun. At IMA, Khan’s potential was recognized and honed to perfection, earning him the position of first in his class. This remarkable achievement marked the onset of his distinguished military career.

After World War II, with the birth of Pakistan, Khan played a crucial role in organizing the Pakistani Staff College, further cementing his commitment to military excellence. His legacy lived on as he ascended the ranks to become the commander-in-chief of the Pakistani armed forces in 1966 and the President of Pakistan from 1969 to 1971.


1. Where did Yahya Khan go to college?

Yahya Khan attended the University of Punjab for his Bachelor of Arts degree. He also graduated from the Indian Military Academy at Dehra Dun.

2. What did Yahya Khan study at the University of Punjab?

Yahya Khan pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Punjab.

3. Did Yahya Khan’s college education influence his military career?

Yes, Yahya Khan’s education at the University of Punjab and the Indian Military Academy played a significant role in shaping his strategic thinking and leadership skills, pivotal in his military career.

4. What role did Yahya Khan play after the birth of Pakistan?

After the birth of Pakistan, Yahya Khan helped organize the Pakistani Staff College. Later, he served as the commander-in-chief of the Pakistani armed forces and eventually became the President of Pakistan.

In conclusion, the question, “Where did Yahya Khan go to college?” reveals an intricate tapestry of academic pursuits that greatly contributed to his career’s success. By walking the halls of the University of Punjab and the Indian Military Academy, Khan built a foundation that propelled him to the apex of military and political leadership in Pakistan. His academic journey serves as an inspiration, illuminating the power of education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.