Where Does Kendall Vertes Go to College?

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where does kendall vertes go to college

Kendall Vertes, best known for her exceptional performances on the hit reality TV show ‘Dance Moms’, has taken an exciting leap into academia. The talented dancer and actress has extended her wings into the world of higher education. But where does Kendall Vertes go to college? Let’s find out.

Kendall’s College of Choice

Kendall Vertes chose to attend Pepperdine University, a private university located in Malibu, California. Known for its scenic campus and renowned programs, Pepperdine is the ideal fit for Kendall’s ambitious personality.

Pepperdine University: A Perfect Blend of Academics and Aesthetics

With a campus nestled against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, Pepperdine University offers its students more than just top-tier education. The diverse range of courses available at the university allows students like Kendall to explore their academic interests beyond their known skills and talents.

Kendall’s Academic Journey

Even though she has had an exciting career in the performing arts, Kendall Vertes chose to dive into a whole new realm at Pepperdine. She has enrolled in the communication studies program, showcasing her dynamic personality and multifaceted interests.

How Kendall Balances College and Career

Juggling between a promising career in the entertainment industry and her college education has not been easy for Kendall. But the dancer’s resilience and determination have helped her strike a balance, allowing her to excel in both fields simultaneously.


Q: Where does Kendall Vertes go to college? A: Kendall Vertes goes to Pepperdine University, a private university located in Malibu, California.

Q: What is Kendall Vertes studying? A: Kendall Vertes is studying communication studies at Pepperdine University.

Q: How does Kendall balance her college life with her career? A: Kendall balances her college life with her career by maintaining a strict routine, prioritizing tasks, and demonstrating unwavering determination.

Q: Is Kendall still involved in dance and performing arts? A: Yes, Kendall continues to maintain her ties with the dance and entertainment world, even as she pursues her academic career.

Q: Why did Kendall choose Pepperdine University? A: Kendall chose Pepperdine University for its diverse range of courses, scenic campus, and the opportunities it offers to grow both academically and personally.

The journey of Kendall Vertes from the dance stage to the university lecture hall illustrates the versatility and determination of this young star. As she continues to navigate the challenging but rewarding path of higher education, her story serves as a beacon of inspiration for many young aspirants in the world of dance and beyond.