Where Did Usher Go To College? The Singer’s Educational Background

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Usher is one of the most successful R&B artists of the past 25 years, selling over 23 million albums worldwide since releasing his self-titled debut album in 1994. But before achieving fame and fortune as a singer, Usher was focused on his education. So where exactly did the music icon go to college?

High School Background

Usher Raymond IV was born in Dallas, Texas but raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He attended North Springs High School in Atlanta, Georgia where he sang in the church choir. In 1991 during his junior year, Usher entered a local talent show where he was discovered by LA Reid of LaFace Records.

Shortly after, Usher dropped out of high school at age 15 to pursue a recording contract. Despite not finishing high school, he later earned his GED in 1998.

Brief College Enrollment

After signing with LaFace Records, Usher briefly enrolled at Clark Atlanta University. Clark Atlanta is a historically black college located in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, Usher quickly left college after only one year to work on his music career full-time. His self-titled debut album “Usher” was released in 1994 when he was only 16 years old.

So while Usher was accepted to and attended Clark Atlanta University, he did not complete a full term before dropping out. Music was his top priority at the time over higher education.

Focus on Music Career

Usher’s decision to leave college after one year paid off hugely, as he went on to become one of the best-selling R&B artists ever. His first album produced several hits including “Can U Get Wit It” and “Think of You.”

He reached greater success with his sophomore album “My Way” in 1997, gaining fame with his single “Nice & Slow.” Usher has since released six more hit albums and won numerous awards including eight Grammys.

Wrapping Up

Although Usher’s time in college was brief, the singer is still a proud Atlanta native. His enrollment at Clark Atlanta University, even for just a year, represents his connection to the city’s history and culture.

Usher clearly made the right choice to pursue his musical talents full-time. But his brief stint at Clark Atlanta gives us a glimpse into his early life before stardom – as just another college freshman trying to find his path.


Where did Usher go to high school?

Usher attended North Springs High School in Atlanta, Georgia where he started singing in the church choir. He was discovered at a talent show during his junior year.

What college did Usher attend?

In the early 1990s, Usher briefly attended Clark Atlanta University, a historically black college in Atlanta. However, he dropped out after one year to focus on his music career.

How old was Usher when he released his first album?

Usher was only 16 years old when he released his self-titled debut album in 1994, shortly after leaving Clark Atlanta University.

Did Usher graduate from college?

No, Usher did not graduate from college. He left Clark Atlanta after just one year to pursue a record deal and never returned to finish his degree.

What awards has Usher won?

Usher has won 8 Grammy Awards, 18 Billboard Music Awards, 9 Soul Train Awards and many others. He has sold over 23 million albums worldwide.