Unveiling the Academic Path: Where Did Trevor Wallace Go to College?

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The question that often sparks curiosity among comedy enthusiasts is, “Where did Trevor Wallace go to college?” Unraveling this question takes us on a fascinating journey through the educational life of Trevor Wallace, an acclaimed comedian, actor, and podcast host.

Early Life and High School

Before we unveil his college journey, it’s essential to delve into Wallace’s early life. Born and raised in California, Wallace’s passion for comedy was evident from a young age. However, the stage he chose to showcase this passion came later.

Trevor Wallace’s College Journey

As the suspense unravels, the question – “Where did Trevor Wallace go to college?” – gets its answer. Wallace attended San Jose State University (SJSU). His time at SJSU provided him the platform to hone his comedic skills further.

Studying at San Jose State University

At SJSU, Wallace pursued a degree in Business Marketing. While this may seem a far cry from his current comedic profession, the skills he gained in marketing undeniably played a significant role in building his successful career in comedy.

Stepping into Comedy

His college years were transformative, providing the impetus for his eventual foray into comedy. Wallace’s university experience shaped his wit and humor, the same humor that millions around the globe have come to appreciate.

Rise to Fame

Post graduation, Wallace’s comedic career took off, and he is now known for his engaging YouTube sketches and stand-up routines. His comedic flair, coupled with his savvy marketing skills, undoubtedly played a key role in his rise to fame.


1. Where did Trevor Wallace go to college? Trevor Wallace attended San Jose State University, where he studied Business Marketing.

2. What did Trevor Wallace study in college? He pursued a degree in Business Marketing at San Jose State University.

3. How did Trevor Wallace’s college education contribute to his career? While it may seem unrelated, his education in Business Marketing provided him with key skills that helped in building and marketing his comedic career.

4. What is Trevor Wallace best known for? Wallace is best known for his comedic sketches on YouTube and his stand-up routines.

5. When did Trevor Wallace graduate from college? While the exact date of Wallace’s graduation isn’t publicly available, he attended San Jose State University for his college education.