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The question – where did Shaq go to college – has intrigued basketball enthusiasts and fans of the larger-than-life personality, Shaquille O’Neal. His journey is not just about where he studied, but how his college years shaped him into one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

The Early Years of Shaquille O’Neal

Before we delve into where Shaq went to college, it’s important to understand his early years. Born on March 6, 1972, in Newark, New Jersey, Shaq moved to San Antonio, Texas at an early age, where he began his journey towards basketball stardom.

Where Did Shaq Go to College?

The answer to “Where did Shaq go to college?” is Louisiana State University (LSU). Shaq attended LSU from 1989 to 1992. Under the mentorship of coach Dale Brown, Shaq’s talent quickly developed. His time at LSU was marked with numerous accolades, including the Adolph Rupp Trophy for NCAA men’s basketball player of the year in 1991.

Shaq’s College Basketball Career

Shaq’s college basketball career was remarkable. During his time at LSU, he was a two-time All-American, two-time SEC player of the year, and received the NCAA men’s basketball player of the year award in 1991. He also led the Tigers to three NCAA tournament appearances. His performance at LSU made him an attractive pick for the NBA.

Impact of LSU on Shaq’s Career

The LSU years were pivotal for Shaq’s professional career. His robust performance caught the attention of the NBA scouts, leading him to be the first overall pick by the Orlando Magic in the 1992 NBA Draft.

Life after College

Post LSU, Shaq went on to have a legendary NBA career, playing for teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. Despite his busy schedule, Shaq prioritized education, earning his bachelor’s degree from LSU in 2000, an MBA, and even a doctorate in education.


Q1: What degree did Shaq receive from LSU?

A: Shaq received his Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with a minor in Political Science from LSU.

Q2: Did Shaq ever finish college?

A: Yes, Shaq finished college. Despite leaving LSU early for the NBA, he later returned to complete his Bachelor’s degree in 2000.

Q3: How did college shape Shaq’s NBA career?

A: College was a significant stepping stone for Shaq’s NBA career. His impressive performance at LSU led to his selection as the first overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft.

Q4: Was Shaq successful in college basketball?

A: Yes, Shaq had a successful college basketball career. He received multiple accolades, including the Adolph Rupp Trophy for the NCAA men’s basketball player of the year in 1991.

Q5: What did Shaq do after his NBA career?

A: After retiring from professional basketball, Shaq has been involved in various fields such as sports analysis, acting, business, and he even earned his doctorate degree in education.