Unveiling Ryan Tannehill’s College Career: Where It All Began

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Ryan Tannehill, an established name in the world of the National Football League (NFL), started his athletic journey in Lubbock, Texas. Born and raised in Texas, his athletic prowess began to shine at Big Spring High School where he was a star of the football and basketball teams, and even excelled in track and field events. What piqued fans’ curiosity over the years, however, is the question: Where did Ryan Tannehill go to college?

The College Years

Tannehill’s college journey took off at the well-renowned Texas A&M University, where he began as a redshirt in 2007, after declining offers from several other institutions including the University of Houston, TCU, Tulsa, and UTEP. Throughout his time at Texas A&M, Tannehill demonstrated his potential, steadily evolving from a redshirt freshman to one of the key players for the Aggies.

Bridging High School and College

Before arriving at Texas A&M, Tannehill had already made a name for himself in football, basketball, and track and field at Big Spring High School. His impressive stats as a junior and senior quarterback earned him second-team District 4-4A honors. In track and field, he notably excelled in hurdling and jumping events, placing third in the 300 m hurdles and earning a second-place finish in the triple jump event at the 2006 District 4-4A championships.

The Path to NFL

Despite starting his college career as a redshirt, Tannehill’s determination, combined with his innate talent, carved his path towards becoming one of the NFL’s standout players. His college career was instrumental in this transformation and set the foundation for his professional journey.


  1. Where did Ryan Tannehill go to college? Ryan Tannehill went to Texas A&M University.
  2. What high school did Ryan Tannehill attend? Ryan Tannehill attended Big Spring High School.
  3. What sports did Ryan Tannehill play in high school? In high school, Ryan Tannehill played football and basketball and also competed in track and field events.
  4. What positions did Ryan Tannehill play in high school football? Tannehill played as a defensive back, quarterback, and also had a brief stint as a punter during his high school career.
  5. What awards did Ryan Tannehill win in high school? Tannehill received second-team District 4-4A honors for both his junior and senior seasons.


Ryan Tannehill’s journey from Texas A&M University to the NFL is an inspiring tale of determination and hard work. His college years were indeed the turning point that set the trajectory for his professional career. Now, we all know the answer to the question – where did Ryan Tannehill go to college?