Where Did Roald Dahl Go to College?

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Where Did Roald Dahl Go to College?

When we think of Roald Dahl, we often think of the imaginative landscapes of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or the whimsical tales in “James and the Giant Peach.” But before becoming a world-renowned author, where did Roald Dahl go to college? Let’s delve into his educational journey.

The Early Education of Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s formal education began at Llandaff Cathedral School, a small school near his home in Wales. At the tender age of nine, he moved to attend St Peter’s Preparatory School in Weston-super-Mare. However, it was Repton School, an independent boarding school in Derbyshire, England, where Dahl spent the most formative years of his education.

Roald Dahl’s College Life: A Different Path

Contrary to what many may believe, Roald Dahl did not attend a traditional college or university. Instead, after graduating from Repton School at the age of eighteen, he embarked on an expedition to Newfoundland, Canada, sponsored by the Public Schools Exploring Society.

Following this adventure, Dahl found himself working for Shell Petroleum Company, which later led him to East Africa. His life took an exciting turn as he joined the Royal Air Force during World War II, which ultimately laid the foundation for his writing career.

The Impact of Roald Dahl’s Education on His Writing

Dahl’s academic journey was unconventional, but it played a significant role in shaping his writing style. The unique experiences he gathered during his time with the Shell Petroleum Company and the Royal Air Force served as inspiration for his fantastical tales, rich in adventure and imbued with a unique sense of humor.

Despite not attending a traditional college, Dahl’s wisdom and creativity were nurtured through real-life experiences and adventures, making him one of the most celebrated authors of children’s literature. His legacy continues to inspire millions worldwide.


1. What school did Roald Dahl attend?

Roald Dahl attended the Repton School in Derbyshire, England.

2. Did Roald Dahl go to university?

No, Roald Dahl did not attend a traditional university. Instead, he embarked on an expedition to Newfoundland and later joined the Shell Petroleum Company.

3. How did Roald Dahl’s education influence his writing?

While Roald Dahl didn’t have a traditional college education, his experiences during his time at the Shell Petroleum Company and the Royal Air Force heavily influenced his writing. His adventurous tales and unique humor reflect his personal experiences and observations.

For more information about Roald Dahl’s life and works, please visit the official Roald Dahl website.

4. What did Roald Dahl study?

Roald Dahl did not study at a university, but his life experiences provided him with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for his writing.

5. Where did Roald Dahl live?

Roald Dahl was born in Llandaff, Wales. He later lived in different parts of the world, including East Africa and England, due to his work with Shell Petroleum Company and his service in the Royal Air Force.

6. Did Roald Dahl have any formal writing education?

No, Roald Dahl did not have any formal writing education. However, his natural storytelling ability and life experiences greatly contributed to his unique and celebrated writing style.

7. How did Roald Dahl start his writing career?

Roald Dahl started his writing career by penning down his experiences as a fighter pilot during World War II. His first published work was “Shot Down Over Libya,” a story about his crash-landing in the North African desert.