Where Did Noah Schnapp Go To College

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In the realm of young actors, few have captured the world’s attention like Noah Schnapp. Recognized for his acclaimed role as Will Byers in the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things,” Schnapp’s professional life has been an open book for his fans. However, there has been persistent intrigue and curiosity about his academic endeavors, primarily revolving around the question – where did Noah Schnapp go to college?

Noah Schnapp’s College Education

The answer to this compelling question takes us to New York University. After bidding adieu to Hawkins in “Stranger Things,” Schnapp decided to expand his horizons beyond the reel life and explore the real world of academia. His choice of NYU, one of the renowned institutions in the United States, certainly spoke volumes about his academic aspirations.

Why New York University?

A pivotal factor in Noah Schnapp’s decision to attend NYU was the highly regarded Tisch School of the Arts, which is part of the university. This school is known worldwide for its commitment to nurturing creative talent and has been home to numerous notable alumni from the world of arts and entertainment. This certainly would have been a draw for Noah, who, despite a successful acting career, sought to enrich his skills further.

Balancing Academia and Acting

It’s important to note that while Noah Schnapp continued his education, he did not abandon his acting career. He has deftly managed to juggle his academic commitments at NYU with his ongoing acting projects, exhibiting a commendable balance between his profession and education.

A Model for Young Artists

Noah’s decision to pursue higher education while maintaining a flourishing acting career is an inspiration for young artists. It is a testament that fame and success in the entertainment industry should not hinder one’s pursuit of academic knowledge. Indeed, Noah Schnapp serves as an encouraging example for many.


1. Where did Noah Schnapp go to college?

Noah Schnapp attended New York University.

2. What did Noah Schnapp study at New York University?

While the specifics of his major aren’t public knowledge, it’s likely he was enrolled in a program related to arts or acting, given his profession and the reputation of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

3. Did Noah Schnapp quit acting for college?

No, Noah Schnapp balanced both his academic commitments and acting career.

4. Has Noah Schnapp appeared in any films or series while studying at NYU?

Yes, Noah Schnapp continued to be part of various acting projects while pursuing his studies at NYU.

5. Does Noah Schnapp recommend going to college for aspiring actors?

While Noah himself has chosen to pursue higher education, the decision is ultimately personal and varies from individual to individual. However, his path showcases that it’s possible to balance both academia and a successful acting career.

In the end, the journey of Noah Schnapp serves as a profound narrative for those balancing the worlds of academia and professional entertainment, epitomizing that the pursuit of knowledge can go hand-in-hand with a thriving acting career.