Where Did Michelle Obama Go To College?

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Michelle Obama, a prominent figure in American politics and a well-respected advocate for various social causes, served as the First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. Besides her accomplishments as the First Lady, many people are curious about her educational background. In this article, we will explore the college Michelle Obama attended and delve into her academic journey.

Where Did Michelle Obama Go To College?

Michelle Obama attended Harvard Law School, one of the most prestigious law schools in the world. She graduated with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, which further solidified her path towards becoming a successful attorney and later played a significant role in her public service and advocacy.

Michelle Obama’s College Experience

During her time at Harvard Law School, Michelle Obama was actively involved in various campus activities and organizations. Her commitment to public service and her passion for advocating on behalf of others started to take shape during her college years.

The Influence of Michelle Obama’s Education

Michelle Obama’s education at Harvard Law School had a profound impact on her life and career. The knowledge and skills she acquired during her studies laid the foundation for her work as a lawyer, advocate, and, ultimately, as the First Lady.


1. Did Michelle Obama attend any other colleges before Harvard Law School?

No, Michelle Obama attended Princeton University for her undergraduate studies, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree with honors.

2. What did Michelle Obama major in at Princeton University?

Michelle Obama majored in sociology at Princeton University, a field that aligned with her interest in understanding social issues and inequalities.

3. How did Michelle Obama’s college experience shape her role as the First Lady?

Michelle Obama’s college experience instilled in her a deep sense of social responsibility and a commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. As the First Lady, she used her platform to advocate for education, health, and various social causes, leaving a lasting legacy.

4. Where can I find official information about Michelle Obama’s education?

For official and detailed information about Michelle Obama’s education, you can visit the official website of Harvard Law School and Princeton University.

5. Did Michelle Obama pursue a legal career after law school?

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Michelle Obama practiced law at a Chicago law firm. However, she eventually shifted her focus to public service and community outreach.

6. What other accomplishments is Michelle Obama known for?

Aside from her role as the First Lady, Michelle Obama is renowned for her efforts in promoting healthy living and supporting military families. She also authored the best-selling memoir, “Becoming.”


Michelle Obama’s educational journey led her to attend Harvard Law School, where she honed her skills and passion for public service. Her time at Harvard Law School and Princeton University played a pivotal role in shaping her impactful work as the First Lady and beyond. For more in-depth and official information, you can explore the websites of Harvard Law School and Princeton University.