Where Did Matthew Fitzpatrick Go To College?

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Golfing sensation, Matthew Fitzpatrick, widely acclaimed for his breathtaking performances on the green, has often been a subject of curiosity, especially his educational background. ‘Where did Matthew Fitzpatrick go to college?’ is a question that has piqued the interest of many fans and golf enthusiasts. The answer to this question leads us to Northwestern University, a prestigious institution located just outside Chicago.

A Brief Stint at Northwestern University

Despite his flourishing golf career, Fitzpatrick’s commitment to education was evident in his decision to pursue a degree at Northwestern University. This prestigious university, known for its rigorous academic environment and commitment to developing well-rounded individuals, became the nurturing ground for Fitzpatrick, albeit for a short period.

Under the watchful eyes of coach Pat Goss, Fitzpatrick embarked on his journey to master the nuances of the sport. The British golfer’s time at Northwestern was short but significant, as it helped shape the foundations of his successful professional career.

An Early Departure for a Promising Golf Career

Fitzpatrick’s academic journey was, however, cut short when he decided to focus full-time on his budding golf career. After playing part of one season under coach Goss, Fitzpatrick’s prowess with the club led him to make the challenging decision to leave Northwestern.

This bold step in his life soon paid off when he won the prestigious U.S. Amateur Golf Championship in 2013. That very summer, Fitzpatrick attained the position of the No. 1 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, further solidifying his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the golfing world.

A Silver Lining at the British Open

An additional feather in Fitzpatrick’s cap came when he clinched the Silver Medal as the low amateur at the British Open. The achievement not only demonstrated his incredible skills but also emphasized the promising future that lay ahead in his professional golf career.

Keeping the Golf Legacy in the Family

Matthew Fitzpatrick wasn’t the only one in his family to exhibit a passion for golf. His younger brother, Alex Fitzpatrick, followed a similar path by attending Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Much like Matthew, Alex honed his golfing skills during his time at college, demonstrating the inherent golfing legacy that runs deep in the Fitzpatrick family.

Matthew Fitzpatrick’s journey from Northwestern University to professional golf has been a captivating tale of determination, skill, and talent. Despite his brief stint at Northwestern, his connection with the institution remains significant and continues to be an integral part of his inspiring journey.


Where did Matthew Fitzpatrick go to college?

Matthew Fitzpatrick attended Northwestern University outside Chicago for one season before turning professional.

Who was Matthew Fitzpatrick’s coach at Northwestern University?

Matthew Fitzpatrick was coached by Pat Goss during his brief time at Northwestern University.

What is significant about Matthew Fitzpatrick’s time at Northwestern University?

Despite being brief, Matthew Fitzpatrick’s time at Northwestern University was significant as it laid the foundation for his successful professional golf career.

Did any other family member of Matthew Fitzpatrick attend college?

Yes, Matthew Fitzpatrick’s younger brother, Alex Fitzpatrick, attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina where he also played golf.

When did Matthew Fitzpatrick win the U.S. Amateur Golf Championship?

Matthew Fitzpatrick won the U.S. Amateur Golf Championship in 2013, the same year he left Northwestern University to focus full-time on his golf career.