Uncovering the Educational Journey: Where Did Mary Katrantzou Go to College?

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Every aspiring fashion designer or enthusiast who is familiar with the industry’s influential figures has undoubtedly heard of Mary Katrantzou. The designer’s bold and vibrant style has made her a distinctive force in the fashion world. However, many wonder, “Where did Mary Katrantzou go to college?” Let’s explore her academic path that has shaped her into one of the leading designers today.

Mary Katrantzou: Early Life and Interests

Born in Athens, Greece, Katrantzou was drawn towards design from an early age. However, it wasn’t until she moved abroad for further studies that her talent began to take shape.

The Foundation: Rhode Island School of Design

Mary initially planned to study architecture, and for this, she chose the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design in the United States. This step was instrumental in influencing her future collections, many of which incorporate architectural elements.

A Turn Towards Fashion: Central Saint Martins

However, the turning point in Katrantzou’s education came when she moved to the United Kingdom. She applied to the world-renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, where she studied for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Her chosen field? Textile design.

At Central Saint Martins, Katrantzou honed her skills and began to experiment with print, a characteristic that would later become a hallmark of her designs. Her graduate collection at Central Saint Martins was acclaimed for its innovative use of digital prints and was immediately picked up by international retailers, laying the groundwork for her eponymous brand.

Mary Katrantzou: From College to the Runway

After college, Katrantzou quickly ascended the fashion ladder. She launched her eponymous label in 2008, featuring digital prints on clean, structured silhouettes. Today, she’s recognized for her elaborate prints, bold color use, and architectural design elements – all of which can be traced back to her educational journey.


1. Where did Mary Katrantzou go to college?

Mary Katrantzou attended the Rhode Island School of Design and later, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

2. What did Mary Katrantzou study at university?

She initially began with architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design but later pursued textile design at Central Saint Martins.

3. How did Mary Katrantzou’s education influence her design style?

Her education in architecture and textile design played a vital role in shaping her design style. She frequently uses architectural elements in her designs and is renowned for her innovative use of digital prints.

4. When did Mary Katrantzou launch her eponymous label?

She launched her own label, Mary Katrantzou, in 2008.

5. Is Mary Katrantzou’s work influenced by her Greek heritage?

While her work is globally influenced, elements of her Greek heritage can often be seen in her choice of colors, motifs, and patterns.

Through the lens of Mary Katrantzou’s journey, we can see how education plays a pivotal role in shaping a designer’s aesthetic and vision. It was during her time in college that Katrantzou discovered her love for print and architectural design, components that are now synonymous with her brand.