Where Did Liza Soberano Go to College?

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Liza Soberano, the acclaimed actress and model, has captured the hearts of millions with her stunning performances on-screen. While fans admire her talent, many are curious about her educational background. In this article, we’ll delve into where Liza Soberano pursued her higher education and how her academic journey has influenced her successful career.

Unraveling Liza Soberano’s College Journey

Liza Soberano pursued her college education at the prestigious Southville International School and Colleges, located in Las Piñas City, Philippines. This renowned institution has been at the forefront of providing quality education and nurturing talented individuals.

During her time at Southville International School and Colleges, Liza focused on her studies while also engaging in extracurricular activities. She honed her skills in acting and modeling, laying the foundation for her future career in the entertainment industry.

Academic Accomplishments

Liza Soberano’s dedication and hard work in college paid off, as she achieved academic excellence in her chosen field. Despite her burgeoning career in showbiz, she managed to balance her commitments and academic responsibilities with remarkable finesse.

Her passion for learning and her commitment to her studies reflect her strong determination to succeed in both the academic and entertainment realms. This drive and ambition have undoubtedly contributed to her immense success in the show business.

The Intersection of Education and Stardom

Liza Soberano’s college experience played a crucial role in shaping her as an individual and as a professional. The skills she developed during her time at Southville International School and Colleges have proven invaluable in her acting career.

With the knowledge and confidence gained from her college education, Liza has taken on challenging roles and delivered outstanding performances, earning her a place among the industry’s most sought-after talents.


  1. Did Liza Soberano graduate with honors from Southville International School and Colleges? Liza Soberano’s academic achievements have not been publicly disclosed. However, her dedication to her studies and commitment to excellence suggest that she likely performed exceptionally well in college.
  2. Is Southville International School and Colleges known for nurturing talents in the entertainment industry? While Southville International School and Colleges is primarily known for its academic excellence, it also encourages students to explore their passions and talents, including those in the arts and entertainment field.
  3. Has Liza Soberano ever spoken about her college experience? Liza Soberano has occasionally mentioned her college journey in interviews, expressing gratitude for the education she received and the support she had during her time at Southville International School and Colleges.
  4. Did Liza Soberano’s college education hinder her acting career? On the contrary, Liza Soberano’s college education provided her with a strong foundation and skills that have enhanced her acting career. It equipped her with versatility and a deeper understanding of her craft.
  5. What other notable alumni graduated from Southville International School and Colleges? Southville International School and Colleges boasts an impressive list of alumni from various fields, including business, arts, and sports. However, specific information about notable alumni is best obtained from the institution’s official website.


Liza Soberano’s college journey at Southville International School and Colleges has been an essential aspect of her life and career. Her dedication to both her education and her passion for acting and modeling paved the way for her incredible success in the entertainment industry. By balancing academic pursuits and artistic endeavors, Liza showcases how education can complement and enhance one’s chosen path in life.