Where Did Ladd Drummond Go to College?

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Where Did Ladd Drummond Go to College?

Ladd Drummond, prominent as a member of the well-established Drummond family and as the husband of the famed blogger and TV personality Ree Drummond, attended college at a respected American institution. Ladd’s humble demeanor and hardworking nature have endeared him to the public, but his education background remains an intriguing aspect of his life. So, where did Ladd Drummond go to college?

Ladd Drummond’s College Journey

Ladd Drummond attended Arizona State University, located in Phoenix, Arizona, for his college education. A public research university renowned for its business, engineering, and design programs, Arizona State University offered Ladd the platform to shape his professional aspirations and forge his career.

Impact of Ladd Drummond’s College Education

Ladd’s college years at Arizona State University were an essential stepping-stone in his journey. His time at the institution helped shape his business acumen, which later proved invaluable in managing his family’s expansive ranching business.

From College Student to Successful Rancher

Although Ladd studied in Arizona, he returned to his family’s native Oklahoma after his college graduation. He applied the knowledge he acquired from Arizona State University to manage the Drummond family business – a large cattle ranch covering about 433,000 acres.

Ladd Drummond’s Role Today

Today, Ladd Drummond, with his college education and inherent entrepreneurial spirit, oversees one of the largest ranches in the United States. Simultaneously, he supports his wife, Ree Drummond, in her endeavors as the ‘Pioneer Woman.’


So, the answer to “where did Ladd Drummond go to college?” is Arizona State University. His college years were instrumental in shaping the successful rancher and supportive husband he is today. His story serves as a testament to the power of education and its role in personal and professional development.

FAQs About Ladd Drummond’s College Education

Q1: Where did Ladd Drummond go to college?

A: Ladd Drummond attended Arizona State University for his college education.

Q2: What did Ladd Drummond study in college?

A: While the specific details of Ladd Drummond’s major are not public, his education at Arizona State University contributed to his business and management skills, which he has applied to run his family’s large ranching business.

Q3: How has Ladd Drummond’s college education impacted his career?

A: Ladd Drummond’s college education at Arizona State University equipped him with business acumen that has proved instrumental in managing the Drummond family ranch.

Q4: Where is Ladd Drummond now?

A: After college, Ladd Drummond returned to Oklahoma, where he manages his family’s expansive cattle ranch and supports his wife, Ree Drummond, in her work as the ‘Pioneer Woman.’

Q5: Does Ladd Drummond have any connection to his alma mater today?

A: As of now, there is no public information about Ladd Drummond maintaining an active connection with Arizona State University.