Where Did Justin Thomas Go to College?

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If you’ve found yourself asking the question, “Where did Justin Thomas go to college?”, you’re in the right place. Thomas, a professional golfer known globally for his astounding talent, was forged in the competitive crucible of collegiate golf, specifically at the University of Alabama.

Justin Thomas’s College Choice

The University of Alabama, a prestigious institution, is often recognized for its football prowess. But it’s also home to an equally remarkable golf program that has cultivated many professional golfers – among them, the skilled Justin Thomas. Thomas selected the University of Alabama, providing a strong foundation for his professional career, owing to its vibrant golfing culture and excellent coaching staff.

The Early Years at Alabama

Upon his arrival at the University of Alabama in 2011, Thomas quickly established himself as a formidable competitor. His freshman year was stellar, earning him the Haskins Award in 2012, an honor that recognises the nation’s outstanding college golfer. It was clear from this early stage that Justin Thomas was destined for great things in the world of golf.

The Crimson Tide Success

The Haskins Award was only the beginning of his accolades at the University of Alabama. His second year, or sophomore year, brought even more significant accomplishments. In 2013, Thomas led the Crimson Tide to the NCAA Championship. This triumph was a monumental moment in his collegiate career, fortifying his reputation as an influential and compelling player.

Turning Professional

Shortly after their NCAA victory, Thomas made the decision to turn professional. The skills and experiences he gained at the University of Alabama had aptly prepared him for this transition. His time at the college was a transformative period, shaping him into the exceptional player we know today.

The Influence of College Years on His Professional Career

Thomas’s journey at the University of Alabama was more than an academic endeavor; it was a pivotal period that honed his golfing abilities and prepared him for the rigors of professional play. The experiences, successes, and lessons he gained during his collegiate career at the University of Alabama continue to influence his approach and performance in professional tournaments.


Justin Thomas’s time at the University of Alabama was instrumental in his development as a professional golfer. His remarkable collegiate journey shaped him into the successful golfer he is today. The answer to the question, “Where did Justin Thomas go to college?” serves as a testament to the profound influence a college career can have on an athlete’s trajectory.


What significant achievements did Thomas gain in college?

Thomas won the Haskins Award as the top collegiate golfer in 2012, and in 2013, he led the Crimson Tide to the NCAA Championship.

When did Justin Thomas turn professional?

Thomas turned professional shortly after the Crimson Tide’s NCAA Championship win in 2013.

 How has his college career influenced his professional career?

His college career at the University of Alabama helped him refine his golfing skills, build a competitive mindset, and understand the intricacies of the game, which are vital in his professional journey.