Where Did Jordan Belfort Go to College?

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The Academic Journey of Jordan Belfort: Where Did He Attend College?

Jordan Belfort, also known as the “Wolf of Wall Street,” has undeniably left a deep mark in the financial world. His story, fraught with triumphs, failures, and various controversies, is commonly known. However, many still wonder about his educational background and where did Jordan Belfort go to college?

Before he made headlines and became a household name, Belfort was a regular college student. He pursued his higher education at the American University in Washington, D.C., graduating with a degree in Biology. His original career plan was far from the high-speed world of Wall Street; Belfort initially desired to become a dentist. However, after hearing that the dental profession was unlikely to make him rich, he swiftly changed his path, eventually leading him to the bustling world of stock trading.

Early College Years: The Foundations of a Future Wolf

Jordan Belfort’s tenure at American University was foundational for the future “Wolf of Wall Street.” It was here that Belfort cultivated his communication skills and quick thinking, traits that later played a key role in his tumultuous career. Although his major was Biology, his thirst for wealth and success already started manifesting during his college years.

Belfort’s Shift to the Financial World

Despite graduating with a Biology degree, Belfort did not continue in the field of science. Instead, he found himself drawn to the fast-paced, high-risk world of finance. This dramatic shift was spurred by his ambition to achieve wealth, which ultimately led him to establish Stratton Oakmont, the brokerage house that would make him famous—or infamous.

His time in college, though not directly connected to his later career in finance, undoubtedly had an influence on his trajectory. His academic journey provided him with critical thinking and communication skills, essential tools in his later Wall Street endeavors.


Q: Where did Jordan Belfort go to college?

A: Jordan Belfort attended the American University in Washington, D.C., where he graduated with a degree in Biology.

Q: What did Jordan Belfort study in college?

A: Belfort pursued a degree in Biology during his time at American University.

Q: Why did Jordan Belfort choose Biology as a major?

A: Belfort initially intended to become a dentist, which is why he chose Biology as his major. However, he changed his career path after realizing that dentistry wouldn’t fulfill his ambition for wealth.

Q: Did Belfort’s college education influence his Wall Street career?

A: Although Belfort didn’t study finance in college, his time at American University helped him develop critical thinking and communication skills that later played a crucial role in his career in the financial world.

Q: How did Belfort transition from a Biology degree to finance?

A: Belfort was primarily motivated by his desire for wealth. Even though he initially planned to become a dentist, he shifted to finance after realizing the potential for financial success in this industry.

This post delves into the academic journey of Jordan Belfort, elucidating how his college years at American University set the foundation for his later notorious Wall Street career. While his degree in Biology may not directly link to his financial endeavors, the skills and experiences he gained in college undeniably played a role in his path to becoming the “Wolf of Wall Street.”