Celtics Star Rising: Where Did Jayson Tatum Go to College?

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Boston Celtics’ star Jayson Tatum is known for his impressive skills on the court. But “Where did Jayson Tatum go to college?” is a question that comes up among fans and followers. This article will delve into Tatum’s academic background and how his college choice has influenced his NBA career.


Jayson Tatum’s College Choice

Jayson Tatum chose to attend Duke University in North Carolina for his collegiate years. Known for its high-ranking basketball program, Duke provided the perfect platform for Tatum to hone his skills and prepare for an NBA career.


Impact of College on Tatum’s Career

As a freshman at Duke, Tatum averaged 16.8 points per game, showcasing his potential and earning a place on the ACC All-Freshman team and a third-team All-ACC honor. His exceptional performance during the 2016-2017 season helped propel him into the limelight and eventually led to his selection in the 2017 NBA draft.


Transition to the NBA

After just one year at Duke, Tatum declared for the NBA draft and was selected as the third overall pick by the Boston Celtics. His time at Duke, though short, was a significant stepping stone in his journey to professional basketball.



1.Where did Jayson Tatum go to college?

Jayson Tatum attended Duke University in North Carolina.

2. What did Jayson Tatum achieve in college?

In his single year at Duke, Tatum was named to the ACC All-Freshman team and earned a third-team All-ACC honor.

3. How long did Jayson Tatum attend college?

Jayson Tatum attended college for one year before declaring for the NBA draft.

4. Which NBA team drafted Jayson Tatum?

Jayson Tatum was drafted by the Boston Celtics as the third overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

5. Has Jayson Tatum won any awards in the NBA?

As of my last update in September 2021, Tatum has been selected for the NBA All-Star game multiple times.

6. Where can I watch Jayson Tatum play?

You can watch Jayson Tatum play on NBA broadcast games, both regular season and playoff games, when he is playing with the Boston Celtics.

7. Where is Jayson Tatum from?

Jayson Tatum is from St. Louis, Missouri.

8. Did Jayson Tatum win any college awards?

Yes, during his time at Duke, Tatum earned a place on the ACC All-Freshman team and a third-team All-ACC honor.

9. How has Jayson Tatum’s college career influenced his professional career?

Tatum’s time at Duke helped him develop his basketball skills and gain national attention, leading to his early selection in the NBA draft.

10. Where can I find more information about Jayson Tatum’s career?

For more information on Jayson Tatum’s career, you can follow him on social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, or check the NBA’s official website.


In answering the question, “Where did Jayson Tatum go to college?”, we trace Tatum’s journey from Duke University to the Boston Celtics. His time at Duke played an essential role in developing his skills and setting the stage for his successful NBA career. As Tatum continues to thrive on the professional stage, his college years remain a significant part of his basketball story.