Where Did Dustin Johnson Go to College?

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Often hailed as one of the most accomplished golfers of his generation, Dustin Johnson has a vibrant career that has its roots in his college years. But exactly where did Dustin Johnson go to college? Let’s dive into the past and unfold the answer to this question.

Johnson’s Alma Mater: Coastal Carolina University

Dustin Johnson is an alumnus of the esteemed Coastal Carolina University located in Conway, South Carolina. It was here that he majored in Sports Management while simultaneously making waves in the collegiate golf scene.

Climbing the Ranks at Coastal Carolina University

At Coastal Carolina, Johnson’s undeniable talent in golf became more pronounced. He was a shining star on the golf team, earning All-Big South honors for his exceptional play at the Big South Conference Championship. His best finish of the season saw him tied for sixth place at 220, +4, further solidifying his reputation as an up-and-coming golf player.

The Significance of Location

Interestingly, Coastal Carolina University is not far from Johnson’s hometown, Columbia, South Carolina. The familiarity of the surroundings possibly helped Johnson in focusing on his passion for golf and develop his career without major distractions.

Debunking Misinformation: Johnson and Other Universities

Despite some erroneous sources, Johnson did not attend Georgia Southern University or the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He spent his entire college career at Coastal Carolina University, perfecting his golf game and laying the groundwork for his success in professional golf.

By shedding light on Johnson’s college years, we hope to have provided a clear answer to the question, “Where did Dustin Johnson go to college?” It is evident that his time at Coastal Carolina University played an instrumental role in shaping his career as a professional golfer, dismissing the rumors about his association with other universities.


Where did Dustin Johnson go to college?

A: Dustin Johnson attended Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina.

What did Dustin Johnson major in at college?

A: Dustin Johnson majored in Sports Management at Coastal Carolina University.

Did Dustin Johnson attend Georgia Southern University or UCLA?

A: No, contrary to some misinformation, Dustin Johnson did not attend Georgia Southern University or UCLA. He spent his collegiate years at Coastal Carolina University.