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Unveiling the College Journey of Devin Booker | His Road to NBA Stardom

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The question often on the lips of NBA fans, “Where did Devin Booker go to college?” uncovers the journey of one of the league’s brightest stars. As a crucial stepping stone towards his successful professional career, Devin Booker’s college experience at the University of Kentucky holds an impressive tale of growth and skill development.

Devin Booker, a household name in the NBA today, had an extraordinary college career before his journey into the professional basketball world. The University of Kentucky, recognized for its top-tier basketball program, became the nurturing ground for his blossoming skills.


Joining the University of Kentucky in 2014, Booker chose to play under coach John Calipari, a decision that would prove pivotal for his career. His exceptional performances for the Kentucky Wildcats made him a standout player in college basketball, catapulting him into NBA draft conversations.

Booker’s single college season was truly a sight to behold. His lightning-quick speed, impressive shooting range, and excellent defensive skills wowed scouts and fans alike, making him one of the top prospects for the 2015 NBA draft.

He decided to forego his remaining college years and declared for the NBA draft after just one season. His decision paid off when the Phoenix Suns chose him as the 13th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft. Today, he is considered one of the brightest stars in the league, all thanks to his foundational training at the University of Kentucky.


Q1: Where Did Devin Booker go to college?

Devin Booker went to the University of Kentucky.

Q2: For how many years did Devin Booker play college basketball?

Devin Booker played one season of college basketball at the University of Kentucky before declaring for the NBA draft.

Q3: What position did Devin Booker play in college?

During his college career at the University of Kentucky, Devin Booker played as a Shooting Guard.

Q4: Which NBA team drafted Devin Booker?

The Phoenix Suns drafted Devin Booker as the 13th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft.

Q5: How has Devin Booker’s college career influenced his professional NBA career?

Booker’s time at the University of Kentucky allowed him to hone his skills, gain valuable playing experience, and become a top prospect for the NBA. His impressive performances at the college level made him a standout player and ultimately led to his successful NBA career.

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