Unraveling the Mystery: Where Did Burberry Go to College?

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Understanding Where Did Burberry Go to College: A Journey into the Educational Background of the Luxury Brand’s Founder

When we speak about renowned luxury fashion brands, the name Burberry often finds its place on the list. Known for its distinctive tartan pattern and trench coats, this British label holds a deep history. Our journey today revolves around Thomas Burberry, the founder, as we answer the curious question – where did Burberry go to college?

A Brief Biography of Thomas Burberry

Unraveling the Educational Background

Thomas Burberry, unlike the common perception, didn’t receive a conventional university education. Burberry apprenticed as a draper before establishing his fashion empire, indicating his hands-on experience rather than formal tertiary education.

The Draper’s Apprentice

Starting his journey as an apprentice to a local draper in his teens, Burberry acquired valuable knowledge and skills that would later shape the world of fashion. This practical education provided a foundation for Burberry to set up his clothing retailer in Basingstoke, England, in 1856.

The Birth of a Fashion Legacy

Despite not attending a formal university or college, Thomas Burberry’s passion for innovation led to the invention of gabardine in 1879. This breathable, weatherproof, and hardwearing fabric revolutionized rainwear, which had traditionally been heavy and uncomfortable.

Burberry’s Influence Today

Burberry’s original designs and innovative fabric continue to influence the fashion world today, decades after his passing. His contribution demonstrates that education extends beyond traditional institutions and includes life experiences, practical knowledge, and innovative spirit.


Q1: Where did Burberry go to college? Thomas Burberry did not attend a conventional college or university. He gained practical experience as a draper’s apprentice.

Q2: When did Thomas Burberry start his clothing retailer? Burberry established his own clothing retailer in Basingstoke, England, in 1856.

Q3: What was Thomas Burberry’s major invention? Burberry invented gabardine in 1879, a weatherproof and breathable fabric that revolutionized rainwear.

Q4: Is Burberry a British brand? Yes, Burberry is a British luxury fashion house founded by Thomas Burberry.

Q5: How has Burberry influenced fashion? Burberry’s designs and innovative fabric have left a significant impact on the fashion world. His trench coats and unique tartan pattern are still widely popular today.