Where Did Alicia Keys Go to College?

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys, has fascinated fans worldwide with her soul-stirring music, spectacular performances, and immense talent. But have you ever wondered where Alicia Keys went to college? As we peel back the layers of her illustrious career, we uncover an educational journey just as fascinating as her music.

Alicia Keys: The Early Years

Born Alicia Augello Cook on January 25, 1981, Alicia Keys burst onto the music scene at a young age. With a mother who was a paralegal and part-time actress and a father who was a flight attendant, Alicia was exposed to a broad range of influences that sparked her creative passions. But it was at the Performing Arts School (also known as Professional Performing Arts School) where her talents truly began to flourish.

Heading to College

Keys’ remarkable talents and academic prowess saw her graduate from the Performing Arts School at just 16, and she was promptly offered a scholarship at the renowned Columbia University. Alicia Keys was set for a journey in college that would bring about new opportunities, challenges, and the chance to mold a unique path in the music industry.

The Decision

However, balancing college studies with a burgeoning music career proved challenging for Keys. After just a month, she made the daring decision to leave Columbia University to fully focus on her music career. It was a bold move that would shape the trajectory of her life.

Her Blossoming Music Career

Keys’ gamble paid off when she signed with Arista Records, and later J Records, releasing her debut album “Songs in A Minor” in 2001, which catapulted her to stardom.


1. Where did Alicia Keys go to college? Alicia Keys was accepted to and attended Columbia University on a scholarship, but left after a month to pursue her music career.

2. Did Alicia Keys graduate from college? No, Alicia Keys did not graduate from college. She left Columbia University after a month to focus on her music.

3. What did Alicia Keys study in college? Alicia Keys didn’t disclose her major during her brief time at Columbia University.

4. Why did Alicia Keys leave college? Keys left Columbia University to fully focus on her music career.

5. What school did Alicia Keys attend before college? Before college, Alicia Keys attended the Professional Performing Arts School in New York.

Alicia Keys: An Educational Journey in a Glance

The Story Continues

While her formal education ended prematurely, Keys’ thirst for knowledge and passion for music remained insatiable. From her childhood in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, to her brief time in Columbia University, and the global stages that she now graces, Alicia Keys’ educational journey is a testament to her resilience, determination, and immense talent. As her story continues to unfold, it remains as engaging and inspiring as her music. It beautifully illustrates the phrase, “The world is your classroom.”

And so, as you’ve discovered where Alicia Keys went to college, it becomes clear that her learning didn’t just take place within the four walls of a classroom. It was, and continues to be, a lifelong journey that echoes in every chord she plays and every lyric she writes. For Alicia Keys, the world truly is her stage and her school.