Understanding the Educational Journey: Where Did Alexander Wang Go to College?

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From cutting-edge runway shows to high-profile collaborations, Alexander Wang is a name synonymous with innovative and bold fashion. But every great mind has a starting point, and this post answers the question, “where did Alexander Wang go to college?”

The Early Years

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Wang showcased an inclination for fashion design from an early age. Yet, it was his decision to attend college that solidified his path and allowed him to immerse himself in the fashion world completely.

College Days: Parsons School of Design

Alexander Wang, looking for an institution that would provide him the platform to express his creative genius, chose the Parsons School of Design in New York City. This prestigious institution is renowned for its cutting-edge design programs and rigorous approach to fashion education.

Although Wang attended Parsons for two years, he didn’t complete his degree. Instead, he left in 2005 to start his eponymous fashion label, a decision that undoubtedly shaped his career.

Influence of Parsons on Wang’s Career

Wang’s education at Parsons was instrumental in laying the foundation for his design aesthetic. This, combined with his fearless approach to fashion, was vital in establishing his brand.


1. Where did Alexander Wang go to college? Alexander Wang attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City.

2. Did Alexander Wang complete his degree? No, Alexander Wang did not complete his degree. He left Parsons School of Design after two years to start his own fashion label.

3. What influence did college have on Alexander Wang’s career? Parsons School of Design played a key role in shaping Alexander Wang’s design aesthetic. The skills and experience he gained there were instrumental in his success as a fashion designer.

4. What is Alexander Wang known for? Alexander Wang is known for his eponymous fashion label, renowned for its edgy, urban designs that perfectly blend the boundaries between high-end and streetwear.

5. Did Alexander Wang’s college decision impact his career? Yes, Alexander Wang’s decision to leave Parsons School of Design to start his fashion label was a pivotal moment in his career, leading to his status as an internationally recognized designer.

Understanding where Alexander Wang went to college is not just a trip down memory lane. It’s an exploration of how education can impact and shape a creative mind. Despite not completing his degree, Wang’s time at Parsons School of Design undoubtedly played a crucial role in his journey to becoming one of the most influential fashion designers of our time.