Uncovering Education: Where Did Alex Cooper Go To College?

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Alex Cooper, the renowned podcast host, has become an influential figure in the media industry. This post is an exploration of her academic background, specifically focusing on the question: “Where did Alex Cooper go to college?”

Early Life and High School Education

Before we delve into her college years, it’s essential to understand Alex’s formative years. Born in Newtown, Pennsylvania, she grew up in a sports-driven family and later developed an inclination towards broadcasting.

Alex Cooper’s College Journey

Alex Cooper attended Boston University, a prestigious institution known for its strong emphasis on communication and broadcasting. There, she pursued her passion for sports, particularly soccer, and participated in various competitions while still focusing on her academics.

Her time at Boston University shaped Alex Cooper into the woman we know today. It is in this institution that she honed her skills in communication and broadcasting, which would later become instrumental in her career as a podcast host.

Career Highlights Post College

After graduating, Alex Cooper used her experiences and knowledge gained from Boston University to establish her career in media. She is best known for her podcast, ‘Call Her Daddy,’ which has gained massive popularity due to her candid talks about sex, mental health, and modern-day relationships.

Alex Cooper’s Biography


1. When did Alex Cooper graduate from Boston University?

Alex Cooper graduated from Boston University in 2016.

2. What did Alex Cooper study in college?

Alex Cooper studied at the College of General Studies at Boston University, and later majored in Psychology.

3. How did college influence Alex Cooper’s career?

Alex Cooper’s college education at Boston University provided her with a strong foundation in communication and broadcasting. This played a significant role in shaping her career as a successful podcast host.

4. Was Alex Cooper involved in sports during her college years?

Yes, Alex Cooper was a part of the Boston University women’s division 1 soccer team during her time at college.

5. Where can I listen to Alex Cooper’s podcast, ‘Call Her Daddy’?

Alex Cooper’s podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’ is available on most podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

In conclusion, Alex Cooper’s college education at Boston University played a significant role in shaping her career. Her time there provided her with the skills and knowledge that paved the way to her success in the world of podcasting.