AJ Brown

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AJ Brown is a professional American football wide receiver who has quickly made a name for himself in the NFL. Born on June 30, 1997, in Starkville, Mississippi, Arthur Juan “AJ” Brown has displayed exceptional talent on the football field, creating ripples in the sports world, particularly with the Tennessee Titans, the team that drafted him.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Arthur Juan Brown
  • Born: June 30, 1997, Starkville, Mississippi, USA
  • Major Achievements: NFL debut with the Tennessee Titans, numerous touchdowns, and impressive receiving yards.

The College Journey: AJ Brown’s Stellar Football Career at Ole Miss

Before making waves in the NFL, AJ Brown honed his skills at the college level. He attended the University of Mississippi, commonly referred to as Ole Miss. During his time with the Ole Miss Rebels, Brown showcased his prowess as a wide receiver, setting records and earning accolades. His impressive college stats and dynamic play on the field made him a sought-after talent during the NFL draft.

Emergence in the NFL: AJ Brown with the Tennessee Titans

Drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, AJ Brown quickly showcased his exceptional talent. With his agility, speed, and hands, Brown has become a pivotal player for the Titans, establishing a strong rapport with his quarterback and contributing significantly to the team’s offense.

Beyond the Field: Personal Life and Interests

While AJ Brown dedicates a significant portion of his life to football, he also has interests beyond the gridiron. A passionate individual, Brown has occasionally shared glimpses of his personal life, passions, and pursuits outside of football through social media and interviews.


1. Where did AJ Brown go to college?

AJ Brown went to the University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss.

2. What did AJ Brown study at Ole Miss?

AJ Brown majored in General Studies at Ole Miss.

3. When did AJ Brown graduate from Ole Miss?

AJ Brown did not graduate from Ole Miss as he declared for the NFL draft after his junior year.

4. How did his college career impact his journey to the NFL?

AJ Brown’s college career at Ole Miss significantly impacted his journey to the NFL. His impressive performance on the college football field established him as a promising prospect, paving the way for his selection in the 2019 NFL Draft.

5. What were some of AJ Brown’s accomplishments at Ole Miss?

At Ole Miss, AJ Brown broke several records, including the school record for receiving yards in a single season. His remarkable performance contributed to his recognition as a top player in college football.