Shah Rukh Khan

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In the galaxy of Bollywood, there’s one star that has consistently shined the brightest for decades, and that’s none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Behind the charisma, lies an intriguing tale of academic pursuits and college days. Ever wondered where this King of Bollywood spent his college days? Let’s unravel the mystery.


Early Life and Schooling

Shah Rukh Khan, born on November 2, 1965, had his early education at St. Columba’s School in the heart of Delhi, India. Displaying his leadership skills, Shah Rukh was awarded the “Sword of Honour,” the school’s highest accolade for a student.

College Days: The Beginnings of Stardom

Shah Rukh Khan enrolled at the prestigious Hansraj College, part of the University of Delhi, in 1985. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1988. It was here, in this academic sanctuary, where Shah Rukh found his true calling: acting.

Shah Rukh was an active member of the Theatre Action Group (TAG) under the guidance of acclaimed theatre director Barry John. His performances with TAG, along with his studies at Hansraj College, laid the foundation for the iconic actor we know today.

The Acting Bug Bites in College

It was during his college days that SRK got smitten by the acting bug. Participating in various college theater productions, he fine-tuned his craft, laying the foundation for the actor we all admire today.

Life Beyond Academics

Apart from academic pursuits, SRK’s time at Hansraj College was marked by passionate involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities. It was here that he learned teamwork, leadership, and the art of balancing multiple roles – skills that would benefit him immensely in his acting career.

SRK’s Footprints on Campus

Even today, long after his graduation, SRK’s legacy continues to inspire students at Hansraj College. From auditorium walls adorned with his posters to tales of his memorable performances, the SRK magic is palpable on campus.

The Inspirational Mentor

Every superstar has a guiding light, and for SRK, it was his professors and mentors at Hansraj. Their guidance and belief in his talent spurred him on, instilling a sense of purpose and determination in the budding actor.

The Launchpad to Stardom

After college, with a degree in hand and dreams in his eyes, SRK took the brave leap into the world of acting. Hansraj College served as the perfect launchpad, providing him with not just academic knowledge but also life lessons that would aid him in the unpredictable world of cinema.

Where Are His College Mates Now?

It’s intriguing to imagine the friends and acquaintances of SRK during his college days. Many of them have carved their niches in various fields, drawing inspiration from their time spent with the future superstar.

The Road to Success

After completing his graduation, Shah Rukh Khan attended Jamia Millia Islamia University to pursue a Master’s degree in Mass Communication. However, his passion for acting led him to drop out and chase his dreams in Mumbai, the heart of India’s film industry.


Q1: Where did Shah Rukh Khan go to college?

Shah Rukh Khan went to college at Hansraj College, part of the University of Delhi.

Q2: What did Shah Rukh Khan study in college?

Shah Rukh Khan studied Economics at Hansraj College.

Q3: Did Shah Rukh Khan attend any other educational institutions?

Yes, after Hansraj College, Shah Rukh Khan briefly attended Jamia Millia Islamia University for a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, which he did not complete due to his burgeoning acting career.

Q4: Did Shah Rukh Khan participate in any extracurricular activities in college?

Yes, during his time at Hansraj College, Shah Rukh Khan was part of the Theatre Action Group (TAG) under the mentorship of Barry John.

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