Rhett Lashlee

From Playbooks to Publications: Rhett Lashlee's Dynamic Journey in Football

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Rhett Lashlee was born on June 9, 1983, Rhett Lashlee stands as a distinguished figure in the world of American college football. Currently steering the ship as the head coach at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas, his journey to this esteemed position is one marked with tenacity and determination.

Before taking the reins at SMU, Lashlee showcased his tactical prowess as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at the University of Miami between 2020 and 2021.

But Lashlee isn’t just a coach. He knows the adrenaline of the game firsthand, having played as a quarterback at the University of Arkansas from 2002 to 2004. This on-field experience equipped him with a unique perspective, enhancing his coaching acumen.

His coaching odyssey is as vast as it is impressive. Lashlee honed his skills at multiple esteemed institutions, from Springdale High School in his hometown of Springdale, Arkansas, to collegiate football giants like Auburn University, Samford University, and Arkansas State University. Stops at the University of Connecticut and the University of Miami further added to his robust coaching resume before he returned to SMU in his current role.

Rhett Lashlee’s journey, from the gridiron of Arkansas as a player to the sidelines as a revered coach, paints the portrait of a man deeply ingrained in the fabric of college football. His legacy continues to evolve, promising even brighter horizons ahead.

Have you ever pondered, where did Rhett Lashlee go to college? Rhett Lashlee, a name synonymous with football excellence, has an inspiring story that goes beyond the gridiron. Every great journey has its beginnings, and for Lashlee, college was an essential chapter. But where did this chapter unfold? Let’s unravel this tale together.

Quick Facts

Early Mentorship: Rhett Lashlee’s formative coaching years were heavily influenced by Gus Malzahn.

High School Days: From 2004 to 2005, Lashlee honed his skills working with quarterbacks at Springdale High School.

Arkansas Razorbacks: 2006 marked a significant year, with Lashlee becoming an offensive graduate assistant under Malzahn.

Entrepreneurial Stint: Lashlee co-founded “High School Sports The Magazine” (later “Vype”), spotlighting Arkansas high school athletics.

Return to Coaching: In 2009, Lashlee was drawn back into coaching, joining Malzahn’s staff at Auburn as a graduate assistant.

Beginnings: The Formative Years of Rhett Lashlee

Before his prominent coaching career in 2017, Rhett Lashlee’s path was intertwined with that of Gus Malzahn, an association that began to shape Lashlee’s football journey. Emerging from the Malzahn coaching tree, Lashlee dedicated the majority of his early career to working alongside him, with the singular exception being a year at Samford University.

In the mid-2000s, Lashlee’s football acumen was already on display as he worked meticulously with the quarterbacks at Springdale High School from 2004 to 2005. As fate would have it, with Malzahn’s elevation to the role of Arkansas Razorbacks’ offensive coordinator in 2006, Lashlee transitioned to a pivotal role as an offensive graduate assistant. However, the landscape of football is ever-changing. When Malzahn took up the mantle as the offensive coordinator for the Tulsa Golden Hurricane football team, Lashlee found himself at a crossroads.

While he had the golden ticket to accompany Malzahn to Tulsa, Lashlee chose an unconventional route. Opting to stay anchored in Northwest Arkansas, he dove into a new venture. Alongside his brother-in-law, Lashlee co-founded and promoted “High School Sports The Magazine,” later rebranded as “Vype.” This magazine, dedicated to the athletic talents of Arkansas’s high schools, not only showcased Lashlee’s entrepreneurial spirit but also became a platform to foster relationships with high school coaches across Arkansas.

But the pull of football was strong. Even amidst his entrepreneurial endeavors, Lashlee couldn’t stay away from the game, occasionally volunteering as a quarterbacks coach at Har-Ber High School.

In 2009, the tides shifted again. With Malzahn’s appointment as the offensive coordinator at Auburn, an opportunity knocked for Lashlee. Answering the call to return to the thrilling world of coaching, Lashlee rejoined Malzahn’s side as a graduate assistant.

This chapter in Lashlee’s journey reflects a man not just bound by the game, but also driven by passion, entrepreneurship, and an unwavering commitment to football.

Where Did Rhett Lashlee Go To College

Life offers many twists and turns. For some, the path to success is straight, while for others, it’s a winding road filled with challenges. But every step, every decision, shapes the person they become. The same holds true for Rhett Lashlee.

University Days: A Crucial Turning Point

Rhett Lashlee attended the University of Arkansas. It was during these formative years that he began to hone his skills and develop a deeper understanding of football. The University of Arkansas isn’t just any institution. It’s a place with a rich football legacy, one that has produced many legends. In this setting, Lashlee was like a sponge, soaking up knowledge and experiences.

Moreover, college isn’t just about the studies. It’s about the experiences, the friendships, and the lessons learned both inside and outside the classroom. Rhett’s time at Arkansas undoubtedly shaped his passion and dedication to the sport.

The Journey from Student to Coach

Lashlee’s college days at Arkansas were pivotal. Not only did they instill in him the values of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork, but they also laid the foundation for his future career. It was during these years that the seed of coaching was planted, and as they say, the rest is history.

However, to truly understand the depth of his commitment and passion, one must look back at his college days. The times when he would engage in intense discussions with peers, watch old football tapes late into the night, or spend hours on the field practicing.

Lessons from the Razorbacks

Every team, every game, and every practice session taught Lashlee something new. The Arkansas Razorbacks, with their storied history and tradition, were more than just a team. They represented the spirit of football. And it was amidst this spirit that Lashlee found his calling.

So, next time someone asks you, “Where did Rhett Lashlee go to college?” You’ll not only know the answer but also appreciate the significance of his time there. Because behind every great coach, there’s an even greater story waiting to be told.

Rhett Lashlee Net Worth

Rhett Lashlee, an American football player from the United States, ranks among the wealthiest in his profession. As per sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, his estimated net worth stands at $5 million.


Who has been a significant influence on Rhett Lashlee’s coaching career?

Gus Malzahn has played a pivotal role in shaping Lashlee’s early coaching trajectory.

Where did Lashlee begin his coaching journey?

Lashlee started coaching quarterbacks at Springdale High School from 2004 to 2005.

Did Lashlee ever venture outside of coaching?

Yes, he took a brief hiatus from coaching to co-create “High School Sports The Magazine” (later renamed “Vype”), focusing on Arkansas high school sports.

How did Lashlee reconnect with Gus Malzahn in 2009?

After Malzahn was appointed as the offensive coordinator at Auburn, he invited Lashlee to join his staff as a graduate assistant, marking Lashlee’s return to coaching.

Did Lashlee ever work outside of Malzahn’s coaching umbrella?

Yes, aside from his time under Malzahn, Lashlee had a year of coaching experience at Samford University.

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No, Rhett and Link are not related by blood. They are best friends and have been since they met in grade school.

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Who is Rhett McLaughlin’s wife?

Rhett McLaughlin’s wife is Jessie McLaughlin.

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Where did Rhett Lashlee go to college?

Rhett Lashlee attended the University of Arkansas, where he played college football.

Who is Rhett Lashlee’s wife?

Rhett Lashlee’s wife is Lauren Lashlee.

What is Rhett Lashlee’s coaching record?

Rhett Lashlee’s coaching record will change with each season. For the most up-to-date record, you may need to consult sports databases or the official website of his current coaching institution.

Does Rhett Lashlee have any connection to Auburn?

Yes, Rhett Lashlee served as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Auburn University under head coach Gus Malzahn.