Lo Bosworth: Charting Her Journey from TV Screens to Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

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Lauren Ogilvie “Lo” Bosworth, born in the picturesque Laguna Beach, California, on September 29, 1986, emerged as a recognizable face on the American television landscape through her appearances on popular reality shows like “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and “The Hills.” These shows captured the intricate dynamics of friendships, relationships, and everyday life, featuring Bosworth and her close-knit circle. Beyond the glitz and drama of reality TV, Bosworth showcased her entrepreneurial prowess by founding “Love Wellness,” where she currently spearheads operations as its CEO. As a testament to her multifaceted talents, she also ventured into the literary world as an author. Bosworth’s educational journey traces back to Laguna Beach High School. The bond of family runs deep for Bosworth, with her siblings Erin and Christian Bosworth sharing her Laguna Beach roots. Standing at 1.65 meters, Bosworth’s stature is not just in her height but also in her vast accomplishments.

Lo Bosworth: Quick Biography

  • Born: September 29, 1986, in Laguna Beach, California, USA.
  • Reality TV Stardom:
    • Lo Bosworth first rose to fame as a cast member of the reality television series “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” which followed the lives of high school students in the affluent California community.
    • After “Laguna Beach,” Bosworth moved to Los Angeles and appeared on its spin-off series, “The Hills,” where she became a main cast member in its later seasons.
  • Post-TV Career:
    • After her time on reality television, Bosworth made moves into the business world.
    • She attended the International Culinary Center in New York City, where she studied farm-to-table cuisine.
    • Bosworth is the founder of Love Wellness, a women’s health and wellness company that offers a variety of personal care products, supplements, and more.
  • Author: In 2016, Bosworth released her book, “The Lo-Down,” which shares insights on love, relationships, and her life experiences.
  • Personal Life: Bosworth has been open about various personal challenges she’s faced, including struggles with anxiety and depression. She has become an advocate for mental health awareness and often speaks about the importance of self-care.
  • Education: Apart from her culinary studies, Bosworth graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Art History.

Lo Bosworth has transitioned from her early days in reality TV to become an entrepreneur and advocate for women’s health and well-being. She continues to have a significant influence, particularly in the wellness space.

From Classroom to Camera: The Academic Pursuits of Lo Bosworth

Renowned for her appearances in reality shows “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” Lo Bosworth has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment sphere. But before the camera lights and action, there was a classroom and academic exploration. So, where did the reality TV star cultivate her intellect?

Venturing into Art at UCSB

Lauren ‘Lo’ Bosworth chose the scenic campus of University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) for her collegiate journey. Delving into the mesmerizing world of Art History at UCSB, she not only quenched her academic curiosities but also fostered relationships and honed skills that would later shape her multifaceted career. To explore the intricacies of what UCSB’s Art History program offers, click here.

The Symbiotic Relationship of Academia and Stardom

The academic rigors and experiences at UCSB were instrumental for Bosworth. While Art History might seem far removed from reality TV and entrepreneurship, the discipline, analytical skills, and broader world-view she gained in college became invaluable tools. Bosworth stands as a testament to the idea that one’s education can be the bedrock upon which diverse professional avenues can be constructed.

Bosworth Beyond the Books

With her diploma in hand, Lo Bosworth swiftly pivoted from the university corridors to the glitz of reality TV and later, the entrepreneurial realm. Her UCSB days, replete with academic and life lessons, acted as the compass guiding her through these varied terrains. Lo’s journey underscores the boundless avenues that education can unlock, regardless of one’s chosen path.


1. What did Lo Bosworth study in college?

Lo Bosworth studied Art History at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

2. How did Bosworth’s college education impact her career?

Bosworth’s college education provided her with a strong foundation and broad perspective that she used in her reality TV career and entrepreneurial ventures.

3. What university did Lo Bosworth attend?

Lo Bosworth attended the University of California, Santa Barbara.

4. How has Bosworth’s academic background influenced her work in reality TV and entrepreneurship? Bosworth’s academic background in Art History has given her a unique perspective that she has incorporated into her work as a reality TV star and entrepreneur.

5. What was Bosworth’s major in college? Bosworth majored in Art History at the University of California, Santa Barbara.