Where Did Kim Jong-un Go to College? An Insight into the Education of North Korea's Supreme Leader

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Kim Jong-un is the current Supreme Leader of North Korea, having ascended to power in 2011 after the death of his father, Kim Jong-il. Born on January 8, 1984 (as widely accepted, although the exact date is uncertain), Kim Jong-un is the third generation of his family to lead North Korea, following his father and grandfather, Kim Il-sung. Known for his reclusive nature and the secretive environment of North Korea, details about his life, including his education, are shrouded in mystery. However, some pieces of information have emerged over the years.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Kim Jong-un
  • Born: January 8, 1984, in Pyongyang, North Korea (exact date disputed)
  • Major Achievements: Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011
  • Official Sites: Limited online presence due to North Korea’s isolationist policies.

Early Life: Born into a Dynasty

Kim Jong-un was born as the second son of Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s previous leader. From a young age, he was exposed to the rigors and expectations of leading a nation, especially one as isolated and unique as North Korea.

Educational Background: Swiss Schooling and Beyond

While the exact details of Kim Jong-un’s education are not definitively known, it’s widely believed that he attended school in Switzerland. Under the pseudonym “Pak Un”, Kim Jong-un is believed to have studied at the International School of Berne before moving to the Liebefeld Steinhölzli school in Köniz near Bern. During this time, he reportedly developed a passion for basketball, particularly admiring the Chicago Bulls.

After his time in Switzerland, Kim Jong-un returned to North Korea, where he is believed to have attended Kim Il-sung Military University, named after his grandfather.

Ascent to Power: Groomed for Leadership

Kim Jong-un’s grooming for leadership became apparent after his father’s health started deteriorating. He was rapidly promoted through the ranks of the Worker’s Party of Korea and the National Defense Commission, signaling his position as the heir apparent.

Rule and Reign: Continuation of the Kim Dynasty

Assuming the role of Supreme Leader after his father’s death, Kim Jong-un has continued North Korea’s policies of military assertiveness, nuclear ambitions, and isolation from the majority of the global community. His rule has also been marked by efforts to modernize parts of the North Korean economy and infrastructure.


Q1: Where did Kim Jong-un go to college?

A1: It is widely believed that Kim Jong-un attended Kim Il-sung Military University in North Korea after his schooling in Switzerland.

Q2: What are the details about Kim Jong-un’s early life?

A2: Kim Jong-un was born as the second son of Kim Jong-il and was exposed to leadership expectations from a young age.

Q3: Where did Kim Jong-un study abroad?

A3: Kim Jong-un is believed to have studied in Switzerland, attending schools in Berne and Köniz.