Kelce Brothers

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Have you ever wondered where the Kelce brothers went to college? These two athletic powerhouses have left an indelible mark on American football. Their achievements on the football field have often left fans and spectators amazed, but their educational journey is equally interesting. Let’s delve into the college life of the Kelce brothers and learn more about their educational background.

The Kelce Brothers: A Brief Overview

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are two prominent names in the National Football League (NFL). While their on-field performances have garnered them many accolades, their off-field journey is equally fascinating.

Travis Kelce’s College Journey

Travis Kelce, the younger of the two brothers, played college football at the University of Cincinnati. He played for the Cincinnati Bearcats as a tight end and became one of the standout players during his time there. He was known for his exceptional skills, agility, and determination, attributes that would later help him excel in the NFL.

Jason Kelce’s Path to Success

Jason Kelce, on the other hand, also attended the University of Cincinnati. Just like his brother, he played for the Cincinnati Bearcats but in the position of a center. Jason displayed exemplary leadership qualities during his time at the university, which garnered him immense respect from his teammates and coaches alike.

The University of Cincinnati: Breeding Ground for Talent

The University of Cincinnati has been instrumental in shaping the careers of many athletes, including the Kelce brothers. It is renowned for its sports program, especially football. The Kelce brothers’ time at the university not only helped them hone their football skills but also prepared them mentally and physically for the challenges ahead.

The Impact of College on their Careers

The decision to attend the University of Cincinnati turned out to be a game-changer for the Kelce brothers. The skills, discipline, and training they received at the university laid the foundation for their successful careers in the NFL.


1. Who are the Kelce brothers?

The Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, are prominent figures in the NFL known for their exceptional football skills.

2. Where did the Kelce brothers study?

Both Travis and Jason Kelce attended the University of Cincinnati where they played for the Cincinnati Bearcats.

3. What positions did the Kelce brothers play in college?

Travis played as a tight end while Jason played in the position of a center.

4. How has the University of Cincinnati contributed to their success?

The University of Cincinnati provided them with the necessary skills, discipline, and training that laid the foundation for their successful NFL careers.

5. Are there other NFL players from the University of Cincinnati?

Yes, the University of Cincinnati has produced several NFL players over the years.