Kanye West’s Educational Expedition: College and Beyond

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When it comes to music, fashion, and pop culture, Kanye West is a name that reverberates across generations. As an accomplished rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer, he’s had a significant impact on various industries. But where did Kanye West go to college, and how did his educational journey shape his career?

Kanye was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but he spent most of his early years in Chicago, Illinois. After high school, he took the next step in his academic journey by enrolling at American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he studied painting before switching his major to English at Chicago State University.

Juxtaposed with his academic pursuits, Kanye was equally invested in honing his music skills, which began to affect his college performance. Subsequently, at the age of 20, he made the bold decision to drop out of college to focus on his music career, a choice that would later inspire his debut album, “The College Dropout.”

Though his college journey was short-lived, it had a profound influence on Kanye’s life and career. His experiences as a college dropout shaped his music and became the foundation for his first three albums, known as the “Education Trilogy.”

The decision to leave college was not an easy one for Kanye. Despite the success he found in music, he went back to school in 2015, receiving an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


What did Kanye West study in college?

Kanye West initially started his college education at the American Academy of Art, where he studied painting. Later, he transferred to Chicago State University, intending to major in English.

Why did Kanye West drop out of college?

Kanye West dropped out of college at the age of 20 to pursue his passion for music full-time. This decision was the inspiration behind his debut album, “The College Dropout.”

Did Kanye West ever go back to college?

Yes, Kanye West returned to academia in 2015 when he received an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Kanye West’s educational journey, just like his career, is filled with unexpected turns and immense passion. It reflects his determination to follow his heart, regardless of societal norms and expectations. His story sends a strong message about the power of believing in oneself and the significance of passion in achieving success. For Kanye, his early years in college became a defining part of his life’s narrative, inspiring many and leaving a significant mark on popular culture.