Cris Carter’s College Journey: Where Did Cris Carter Go to College?

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Former National Football League (NFL) receiver Cris Carter is admired by sports enthusiasts worldwide. This post unravels the mystery surrounding where Cris Carter went to college.

Cris Carter’s College Days

Cris Carter attended Ohio State University, a renowned institution with a prominent football program, where he played from 1984 to 1986. Carter’s talent was evident from the onset, contributing significantly to the Buckeyes’ victories throughout his collegiate career.

Cris Carter’s Life Beyond College

After leaving Ohio State, Carter’s football prowess was acknowledged as he was drafted into the NFL. He had a highly successful career with teams like the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins.

Interesting Facts about Cris Carter’s Personal Life

A closer look at the life of Cris Carter reveals many intriguing aspects.

Cris Carter’s Wife: Cris Carter is married to Melanie Carter. They are a symbol of love and togetherness, with their relationship spanning several years.

Cris Carter’s Hands: Carter was renowned for his “soft hands,” a term often used in football to describe players with exceptional catching skills. His hands played a significant role in his successful NFL career.

Cris Carter’s Son: Cris Carter’s son, Duron Carter, also pursued a career in football, showing that talent indeed runs in the family.

Cris Carter’s  Biography


  1. Where did Cris Carter go to college?

Cris Carter attended Ohio State University where he was a standout football player.

  1. Who is Cris Carter’s wife?

Cris Carter’s wife is Melanie Carter.

  1. What is Cris Carter known for in terms of skill?

Cris Carter is known for his exceptional catching skills, referred to as “soft hands” in the football world.

  1. Who is Cris Carter’s son?

Cris Carter’s son is Duron Carter, who also followed in his father’s footsteps into a career in football.

  1. What teams did Cris Carter play for in the NFL?

Cris Carter played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and Miami Dolphins in the NFL.