Bashar Al-Assad

Where Did Bashar Al-Assad Go to College? The Educational Path of Syria's President

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Bashar Al-Assad was born on September 11, 1965, in Damascus, Syria. He is the current President of Syria, a position he has held since July 2000, succeeding his father, Hafez Al-Assad. Bashar Al-Assad’s tenure as president has been marked by significant conflict and controversy, particularly with the Syrian Civil War that began in 2011. Yet, before his political ascent, Al-Assad had a distinct academic and professional background that diverged from politics.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Bashar Hafez al-Assad
  • Born: September 11, 1965, in Damascus, Syria
  • Major Achievements: President of Syria since 2000
  • Social Channels: Official Syrian Presidency Account

Early Life: Born into Politics

Bashar was born as the eldest son of Hafez Al-Assad, who served as the President of Syria from 1971 to 2000. Growing up, Bashar was not initially groomed for leadership, as the role was expected to be passed to his elder brother, Bassel. However, fate took a different turn when Bassel died in a car accident in 1994.

Educational Years: Medical Training in Damascus and London

Bashar Al-Assad’s educational journey is quite unique among world leaders. He attended the University of Damascus, where he studied medicine. After obtaining his degree, he specialized in ophthalmology. For further specialization, Bashar moved to London, attending postgraduate training at the Western Eye Hospital.

Rise to Power: From Doctor to President

The sudden death of his elder brother, Bassel, changed the trajectory of Bashar’s life. He was quickly integrated into the military and the political machinery of Syria. He ascended to the presidency after the death of his father, Hafez Al-Assad, in 2000.

Presidency: A Reign Marked by Conflict

Bashar Al-Assad’s time in power has been characterized by its challenges, particularly the Syrian Civil War, which has resulted in a significant humanitarian crisis. His leadership has been divisive, drawing both strong support and severe criticism, both domestically and internationally.


Q1: Where did Bashar Al-Assad go to college?
A1: Bashar Al-Assad attended the University of Damascus where he studied medicine. He furthered his studies in ophthalmology at the Western Eye Hospital in London.

Q2: When did Bashar Al-Assad become the President of Syria?
A2: Bashar Al-Assad became the President of Syria in July 2000.

Q3: What was Bashar Al-Assad’s profession before entering politics?
A3: Before venturing into politics, Bashar Al-Assad was trained as an ophthalmologist.


Bashar Al-Assad’s path from a medical student to the presidency of Syria is a testament to how unpredictable life can be. While his leadership remains a topic of global debate, understanding his background offers a more comprehensive perspective on the man behind the title.