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Where Did Amish Tripathi Go To College? The Education History of India's First Literary Pop Star

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Amish Tripathi, the renowned Indian author who gained immense fame for his mythological fiction novels, has emerged as one of the most popular writers of contemporary Indian literature. Often referred to as ‘India’s first literary popstar’, Amish’s unique storytelling style infused with religious symbolism and profound philosophies has struck a chord with millions of readers worldwide. But beyond his celebrated writings, Amish also has an intriguing educational background that has undoubtedly shaped his literary pursuits. So where exactly did Amish Tripathi go to college, and what does his education history look like? Let’s find out!

Quick Facts About Amish Tripathi

  • Born in Mumbai in 1974
  • Alumnus of Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai
  • Completed B.Sc from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • MBA from IIM Calcutta
  • Former banker who worked 14 years in financial services
  • Debut novel The Immortals of Meluha became a bestseller
  • Hosted TV shows like Legends of the Ramayan and The Journey of India
  • Books have sold over 6 million copies since 2010
  • Given the title of ‘India’s first literary popstar’

Who Is Amish Tripathi?

Amish Tripathi is an Indian author who has gained immense popularity for his fictional novels rooted in Indian mythology. Born in Mumbai in 1974, Amish grew up near Rourkela, Odisha and attended the prestigious Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai. Even as a young student, Amish displayed a keen interest in history, mythology, philosophy and religion, often losing himself in the school library for hours. This early fascination with stories would lay the foundation for Amish’s literary career later in life.

After finishing school, Amish went on to pursue his graduation from Mumbai’s St. Xavier’s College, one of the most highly regarded educational institutions in the country. His wide-ranging academic interests led him to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Science, an unconventional choice for someone with strengths in the humanities. But the interdisciplinary approach suited Amish’s curiosity and gave him diverse perspectives. Little did he know at the time how invaluable this scientific grounding would prove for his future research-intensive writing endeavors.

Amish Tripathi’s MBA Education at IIM Calcutta

After completing his undergraduate studies, Amish chose to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C), one of India’s top business schools. As one of the most prestigious and selective institutes for management education in India, IIM Calcutta was an obvious choice for Amish.

Founded in 1961, IIM Calcutta was the first Indian Institute of Management established by the Government of India in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, MIT. It is consistently ranked among the top 3 management institutes in the country, known for producing some of India’s brightest business leaders, civil servants and entrepreneurs.

The rigorous 2-year MBA program at IIM Calcutta provided Amish with intensive training in subjects like finance, economics, marketing, operations and strategy. Amish specialized in marketing and finance, which complemented his inherent strengths in creative writing and storytelling. The multidisciplinary environment also allowed Amish to take electives in unconventional subjects like anthropology, sociology and history, satiating his lifelong interest in ancient cultures and mythologies.

Beyond academics, IIM Calcutta offered Amish abundant opportunities to develop his leadership, teamwork and public speaking abilities. As the literary magazine editor and member of the student government council, Amish honed skills that would prove invaluable during book launches and literary festivals later in his career. The intensive case study methodology imparted analytical and problem solving skills that Amish leveraged in his corporate career as much as in his research for writing mythological fiction.

Overall, Amish considers his two years at IIM Calcutta as a transformative period that not only helped him gain hard business skills but also nurtured his inherent talents in creative writing and storytelling. The management lessons and honed analytical thinking abilities have enabled Amish to approach his literary works with the mind of an MBA graduate, leading to their widespread commercial success.

Amish Tripathi’s Banking Career After IIM Calcutta

After completing his MBA from IIM Calcutta in 1996, Amish entered the fast-paced world of finance and banking. He worked in the financial services sector for nearly 14 years, holding important leadership positions in reputed firms like Standard Chartered and DBS Bank.

Equipped with his management education and financial training, Amish handled key assignments in sales, marketing and product management roles. He leveraged his communications skills in negotiating complex business deals, liaising with stakeholders and leading cross-functional teams. This extensive corporate experience exposed Amish to diverse sectors, companies and people – giving him in-depth perspectives on business as well as human psychology.

According to Amish, his stint in the banking world provided two major benefits – financial security and an understanding of the publishing world. As he conceived story ideas over the years, Amish was well aware of the commercial viability necessary for books to succeed. He had also forged relationships with publishers and media houses during his marketing career – networks he activated while launching his novels.

Above all, Amish attributes much of his work ethic and discipline as an author to his rigorous years in the corporate sector. From diligent research and meticulous planning to meeting deadlines and managing stakeholders, Amish brought his MBA training to fore in completing his novels while still handling a full-time banking job.

Transition From Banking to Becoming a Full-Time Writer

After enjoying a successful corporate career spanning 14 years, Amish finally took the plunge into full-time writing in 2010. The first book of his Shiva Trilogy – The Immortals of Meluha – was taking final shape, and Amish realized it was time to devote himself wholeheartedly to his literary passions.

The risk paid off – The Immortals of Meluha went on to become a runaway bestseller, breaking sales records and catapulting Amish into fame. The thrilling reimagination of Lord Shiva’s tale, blending mythology and philosophy with modern sensibilities, resonated instantly with millions of readers.

Buoyed by the blockbuster response, Amish followed up with the sequels – The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras – which also achieved record-breaking sales. With back-to-back successes, Amish established himself as a force to reckon with in Indian publishing within just a few years.

Amish consolidated his popularity with other bestselling books like the Ram Chandra Series, his non-fiction treatise Immortal India, and his latest release War of Lanka. With his unique brand of ‘mythological fiction’, Amish has emerged as the highest-selling Indian author in history with over 6 million copies sold.

The decision to turn full-time author after 14 years in banking has proved to be the turning point in Amish’s career. His management education and corporate experience provided the perfect foundation to transform his passion for writing into a thriving business. Amish stands as an inspirational icon for aspiring authors to take the plunge and follow their literary dreams.

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FAQs About Amish Tripathi’s Education and Career

What degree did Amish Tripathi earn from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai?

Amish Tripathi completed his graduation from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai with a Bachelor’s degree in Science (B.Sc).

What was Amish’s specialization during his MBA at IIM Calcutta?

At IIM Calcutta, Amish specialized in marketing and finance during his MBA program. This aligned well with his inherent talents in creative writing and communications.

How many years did Amish Tripathi work in the banking industry?

After completing his MBA, Amish worked in the financial services and banking sector for nearly 14 years before turning full-time author.

Which was the first company Amish Tripathi worked for after his MBA?

Amish’s first job after his MBA was at Standard Chartered Bank where he worked for several years handling marketing and sales roles.

What motivated Amish Tripathi to switch from banking to writing novels?

With the success of his first book, Amish realized his lifelong passion for writing mythological fiction. He decided to devote himself completely to authorship.

In summary, Amish Tripathi attained an unconventional B.Sc degree from Mumbai’s St. Xavier’s College before pursuing an MBA from IIM Calcutta. After a 14-year banking career, Amish became a full-time author in 2010. His unique mythological fiction novels combining religion, philosophy and imagination have sold over 6 million copies, earning him the title of ‘India’s first literary popstar’. Amish stands out as an inspirational icon of following one’s literary dreams.