Alisyn Camerota

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Alisyn Lane Camerota stands as a prominent figure in American television journalism, renowned for her insightful contributions as a broadcast journalist and political commentator, predominantly with CNN. Born on June 21, 1966, in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, her illustrious career saw her anchoring the morning segment, “New Day,” and co-hosting the afternoon edition of “CNN Newsroom.” Furthermore, from 2022 to 2023, she took the helm of “CNN Tonight,” cementing her esteemed status within the network. Prior to her endeavors at CNN, Alisyn also showcased her prowess as a presenter at Fox News.

Beyond the professional sphere, Alisyn, who stands at 1.6 meters, is an alumna of the esteemed American University and its School of Communication. On a personal note, she’s been married to Tim Lewis since 2002, and the couple is blessed with three children: Alessandra, Francesca, and Nathaniel Lewis.

A Stepping Stone to Journalism: Alisyn Camerota’s College

With a foundation rooted in academic rigor, Alisyn Camerota’s journey to journalistic prominence began at American University, where she honed her skills and imbibed the values essential for a budding journalist. Located in the heart of Washington D.C., the American University offered her a vantage point to the world of politics, global affairs, and media dynamics. Not only did she complete her undergraduate studies there, but she further refined her craft at the esteemed American University School of Communication.

This institution, revered for its comprehensive curriculum and distinguished faculty, played a pivotal role in shaping Camerota’s career, preparing her for the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving realm of broadcast journalism. It’s evident that her academic pursuits at this renowned institution laid the groundwork for the successes she would later achieve in the industry.

The Role of American University in Alisyn’s Career

From shaping her foundational journalistic skills to igniting a passion for in-depth reporting, American University played an instrumental role in Alisyn Camerota’s career. It was here that Camerota was exposed to a myriad of perspectives, practical experiences, and industry connections, all of which solidified her decision to delve into broadcast journalism.

Shaping Alisyn Camerota’s Broadcast Journalism Career

Camerota’s time at American University instilled in her the essential skills required in the fast-paced world of broadcast journalism. The rigorous academic curriculum and the practical training at the university acted as the springboard for Camerota’s illustrious career.


  1. Where did Alisyn Camerota go to college?

    Alisyn Camerota attended the School of Communication at American University in Washington D.C.

  2. What did Alisyn Camerota study in college?

    Camerota studied Broadcast Journalism, preparing her for a successful career in the media industry.

  3. How did Alisyn Camerota’s education influence her career?

    Her education at American University equipped her with the essential journalistic skills and practical experiences, providing her with a firm foundation for her career in broadcast journalism.

  4. Does Alisyn Camerota have any awards or recognitions for her journalistic work?

    Yes, throughout her career, Camerota has been the recipient of several awards acknowledging her remarkable contributions to journalism.

  5. Where is Alisyn Camerota working now?

    As of now, Alisyn Camerota is a highly esteemed journalist known for her work with various renowned media networks. Please refer to the latest sources for her current professional engagements.