Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung grew up in Hampshire and attended schools in New Alresford and Winchester. Though accepted to King's College and Chelsea College of Arts, she skipped university to model.

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The impeccably stylish Alexa Chung has become a global fashion icon known for her effortless, vintage-inspired look. But before her modeling career and television hosting gigs, Alexa was just another British schoolgirl trying to figure out her path. So where exactly did the future starlet get her education?

A Brit Raised in Hampshire

Alexa Chung was born in 1983 in the southern county of Hampshire, England. She grew up in the small town of Privett and attended Perins School, a secondary academy and sports college located in the nearby village of New Alresford.

For sixth form, Alexa attended Peter Symonds College in the city of Winchester. She studied art, photography, and English literature while there. Though accepted to prestigious universities, Alexa decided to forego higher education to pursue modeling instead.

Scouted as a Teen

At just 16 years old, Alexa was scouted by a modeling agency while attending the Reading Festival. She decided to sign with them and embark on a career in fashion.

Though she maintained her studies at Peter Symonds College, Alexa began booking modeling jobs while still in school. This early success convinced her that fashion was the right path.

College Offers from King’s and Chelsea

After completing secondary school, Alexa received offers to attend both King’s College London and the Chelsea College of Arts.

King’s College offered her a place to study English literature, no doubt due to her strong performance in the subject at Peter Symonds. Chelsea College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts London, accepted Alexa to their highly-competitive arts foundation program.

Either option would have allowed Alexa to continue her studies while living in London and modeling part-time. However, her burgeoning career soon took priority.

Modeling Called Her Name

As Alexa considered these college offers, her modeling career began gaining major momentum. She was booking more jobs and traveling abroad frequently for photo shoots.

The demanding schedule made the idea of being a full-time student seem impractical. Alexa opted to decline her acceptances to King’s and Chelsea in order to focus completely on modeling.

No Regrets Over Forgoing College

Alexa has never publicly expressed any regrets over not attending university. The success she quickly attained proved she made the right choice.

By age 19, Alexa was walking the runway for top designers like Louis Vuitton. She became one of the top British models of the 2000s, along with icons like Kate Moss.

Her education continued through real-world experience traveling the globe and working with world-renowned photographers. Alexa has undoubtedly made the most of the unconventional path she chose.

TV Hosting and Fashion Design

Once she’d established herself in the modeling world, Alexa began branching out into other creative areas. In 2006, she landed a gig co-hosting the cult favorite reality show The Simple Life alongside Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

Alexa went on to host several other TV shows focused on fashion and pop culture over the years. She also served as a muse for brands like Mulberry and released her own clothing line called AlexaChung.

Her talent and influence have made Alexa one of Britain’s most prominent players in both high fashion and mainstream pop culture. Not too shabby for a small-town girl who skipped college!

Alexa’s Education: A Timeline

  • Attended Perins School secondary academy in New Alresford, Hampshire
  • Studied art, English lit, and photography at Peter Symonds College in Winchester
  • Accepted to King’s College London to study English literature
  • Also accepted to Chelsea College of Arts for the foundation program
  • Decided at 18 to skip university and model full-time
  • Never attended university, but became a world famous model and TV personality

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FAQs About Alexa Chung

Where did Alexa Chung grow up?

Alexa grew up in the small English town of Privett in Hampshire. She attended secondary school at Perins School in nearby New Alresford.

What colleges offered her a place?

Alexa was accepted to study English at King’s College London. She also earned a spot in the arts foundation course at Chelsea College of Arts.

Why didn’t she attend university?

Alexa decided to skip college to focus on her blossoming modeling career. The demanding schedule made being a full-time student impractical.

Has she expressed regrets over this?

No, Alexa has not publicly stated any regrets about foregoing university. Her successful career proved she made the right choice.

What were her first big modeling jobs?

As a teen, Alexa modeled for British Vogue and walked the runway for Chanel and Louis Vuitton. This early success convinced her to focus on fashion.